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2020 McGuireWoods Independent Sponsor Conference

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McGuireWoods Independent Sponsor Accolades

Thought Leadership & Additional Resources

Independent Sponsor Spotlight Series

Our series features interviews with impressive independent sponsors as part of our ongoing commitment to the independent sponsor community. 

McGuireWoods Featured in Buyout Insiders Webinar: PE/VC Best Practices: How Independent Sponsors Source Deals and Raise Capital

Are you an independent sponsor looking for fresh sources of proprietary acquisitions? Looking for tips on raising capital for your next purchase? Don’t miss this special 75-minute webinar, which marks Part II following an earlier webinar session on critical strategies for working with attorneys, family offices, investment bankers and business brokers, and business owners who can open doors to great deals. Click here to listen to a recording of McGuireWoods partner Jon Finger as he and other industry leaders examine:

  • How to approach business owners to lay the groundwork for future gains;
  • Ways to attract key business brokers, investment bankers and other deal sources;
  • Structuring your Independent Sponsor practice for success;
  • Securing synergistic co-investors and lenders on your team;
  • How to attract family office capital and other liquidity sources.

CCBJ Interviews McGuireWoods About Independent Sponsor Model

McGuireWoods partner Jon Finger is featured in an interview with Corporate Counsel Business Journal discussing the firm’s independent sponsor initiative, the continued impact of independent sponsors, and how he and the firm add value for their growing client base and network of independent sponsors. For the full interview, click here.

It’s Just Math – Independent Sponsor Transaction Survey White Paper

white paper

The prevalence of independent sponsor activity remains a consistent theme. This installment of our independent sponsor white paper series focuses on results from our proprietary “market” survey of independent sponsor transactions. Thank you to our valued network of independent sponsors and capital providers who provided over 225 submissions to support the insights found in this report.

Download a copy of our white paper

McGuireWoods Featured in Buyouts Insider Webinar: How Independent Sponsors Can Identify and Win Profitable Deals

Are you an independent sponsor looking to expand your circle of proprietary deal sources? Looking for an edge in winning limited auctions? Don’t miss this special 75-minute discussion of the latest strategies for independent sponsors. Click here to listen to a recording of McGuireWoods partner Jon Finger as he and other industry leaders examine:

  • How to make sure your cold-calling of business owners pays dividends
  • Innovative ways to get on the radar of key business brokers, investment bankers and other deal sources
  • Strategies for ensuring your bid gets a fair shake against corporate buyers and PE firms with committed funds
  • Getting the right co-investors and lenders on your team to land the deal
  • Structuring deals with capital partners to maximize the chance for success

Independent Sponsors: How to Leverage This Valuable Channel for Transactions

In an ultra-competitive deal market, investors continually look for attractive opportunities to deploy additional capital. While “independent sponsors” have been around for many years, the number of independent sponsors is at an all-time high and their credibility continues to climb.

This installment of our independent sponsor publication series focuses on different types of independent sponsors, how they are compensated and deal-flow development.

To download the white paper, titled “Independent Sponsors: How to Leverage This Valuable Channel for Transactions,” click here.

Potential Impact of a Recession on Independent Sponsors

The success and rapid growth of the independent sponsor model has been well chronicled. At the same time, daily articles and commentary seem to imply a recession is around the corner. As part of McGuireWoods’ focus on the independent sponsor community, here are some thoughts on the potential interplay of these circumstances. Included with these insights are candid responses collected through a survey of thought leaders in the independent sponsor ecosystem who considered how a recession could impact independent sponsors and their capital partners. Read more.

Independent Sponsor Regional Networking Groups

The firm also regularly hosts independent sponsor regional networking groups through the country. These roundtable groups convene independent sponsors to share best practices, connections, advice, deal leads and experiences in a trusted environment. We have established groups in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Maryland & Virginia, Denver, the Great Lakes region, Houston, LA, New York, San Francisco and the Southeast region. For more information, please contact one of the lawyers noted below. For a list of upcoming events, please click here.

McGuireWoods IS regional and city logos

Our programs are intended for the benefit of our clients and contacts and we reserve the right to refuse any registration at our sole discretion.


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